Meet Dale

Dale Mincks is great. He made every technician feel at ease while he rode with them. He built their confidence levels as he taught them how to build options for their clients and reminded them to “always be closing”. We are still seeing the results from his training three months later and can’t wait to get him back again for round 2. — A.B.

IMG_1327-EditAbout Dale Mincks

  • Over 35 years in the residential service field
  • One of the top selling residential sales and service technicians in the nation for a national franchise
  • Been training service technicians since 1976
  • Was the Operations Manager for a tri-brand shop which consisted of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical service
  • Instructor for a state apprentice program for three years.

Dale has a very low-pressure, non-assertive, dignified, and professional approach to service calls. He gets a high average ticket in a very ethical manner.

Dale does ride-a-longs with technicians and has developed tools to provide the necessary training to empower each person he works with to become their best. Technicians who learn his methods are increasing their close rates, average tickets and total sales revenue.

During his ride-alongs, Dales DOES NOT simply “observe and critique.” Dale takes the lead on service calls and demonstrates for HVAC technicians, plumbers, and electricians exactly how he get a higher average ticket and closes calls.

In 2013, while conducting ride-alongs across the country, with all technicians of all three trades, in companies of all sizes, and cities and towns of all sizes, Dale ran a total of 264 calls, closed 84% of them, had a $1,644 average ticket, and produced $358,447 in total sales revenue.

“Dale Mincks is a top flight trainer and educator. We had Dale at our shop for 4 days and yes he did a great job in the home closing at a 100% close rate and selling over $25,000 in aprox 3 1/2 days, but it was more than that. Dale brings passion, a system, an energy, and a true knowledge of being a technician. He truly cares about you and your technicians and wants to pour into them everything he has to make sure they succeed. His determination and drive is contagious and worth the visit alone. He has walked in their shoes and has made himself into one of the best technicians in the country! He will show your techs how to run a call ANY call and make revenue the right way and the professional way. He won’t except excuses from the techs but will encourage and show them how to overcome. I can’t express enough how talented this man is. Yes, his sales alone can pay for his visit, but your shop and your technicians gain so much more than that. I highly recommend Dale Mincks and will be using him again and again at our shop to continue to show new and veteran technicians the right way and the no excuses way to run a professional service call. Without a doubt the best tech I have ever been around.” –D.B.

“In our industry you routinely hear about these amazing techs that work in other shops putting up numbers you’d never believe are possible. Seeing is believing, and we have had the pleasure of having Dale out to our shop. I’ve watched him train and mentor our techs, as well as sell $34K in residential service in 4 days. His hands-on approach and ride-alongs have been a valuable tool to develop our techs and expand their minds to what is possible. Our techs now produce numbers and provide legendary service others now get to hear about! Dale is an incredible tech, a thorough and supportive coach, a down to earth good guy; whom I’m fortunate to now call a friend.” — C.M.

“I used to think I was the best selling service tech I could be. Dale has taught me I could do much, much more by showing me. He has shown me how much more is possible for myself and others. He is not just a great selling tech. He is a great leader and mentor to myself and countless other service technicians, managers, and owners. I continue to learn from him and I would encourage anyone affiliated with our trades to do the same. I would personally vouch for him both professionally and personally. He is a good man whom I’m fortunate to call a good friend.” — J.W.

“Dale Mincks has been a positive addition to our training. With the help of Dale Mincks, our overall average ticket has increased and our closing rate is up. Best of all, the confidence of the technicians has skyrocketed, which is priceless.” — D.M.

To discuss booking Dale to ride with your technicians or to provide sales training and coaching, call Dale at 1-540-522-1117.