Dale can consult over the phone, Skype, or at your place of business. He can help your General Managers, Operations Manager, Call takers, Dispatchers and Technicians understand the process of running a professional service call from start to finish as a team. One of the things he goes over is the no drama, no fault rule. Everyone has a responsibility and everyone needs accountability.

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These can be customized to fit your company’s needs.

Dale will provide Technician training seminars to better equip your technicians to handle running a professional service call from start to finish. The seminars can be one day up to five days depending on how much time is available. They can be all day or two hours each morning and Dale can ride with a technician each day.

These seminars will empower your technicians to be confident and successful running calls. The information offered is designed to move them forward in quantum leaps to be the very best technicians in the nation. The seminars will be done in a classroom environment customized with Dale’s innovative techniques.

The cost is inclusive for Dale’s time, travel and training materials. Saturday training is available.

Your company will provide room for meeting, refreshments for technicians, lunch if it is an all-day training. You will also need to provide a white board, markers, easel stand, self-adhesive paper and a way to project examples on a screen.

It is best to have around 15 technicians at a time. The training can be done for electrical, HVAV and plumbing technicians at the same time. Several different companies can be included at the same time.

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Dale invites everyone to become part of his team. On the team page at team members have unlimited access to all of Dale’s “Play Book” (twelve recorded trainings), how to use a Game Day Planner, archived recordings, helpful hints, “Go To” list, inspection forms, option forms (for those of you that are into forms) and other web related trainings.

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